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Best Tips to Make Your Mac Desktop Tidy & Organized - Unclutter

Smart Folder Cleaner works in two ways; i by encouraging better file organization by the user; and ii moving and deleting files that have not been used in a long time. With its useful clean up statistics, you can keep an eye on how many files have been removed by the app and the space saved - you'll be surprised how all those unneeded files add up to a ton of disk space savings!

Automated Folder Cleaning Smart Folder Cleaner monitors folders on your Mac and automatically moves and eventually deletes files that have not been used after a certain number of days. Buy Direct.

Automatically Organize

Critical File System Protected The app prevents you from selecting critical system folders and currently does not support external volumes. Notifications Support The app sends you a handy notification before any files that are scheduled for removal are deleted. Custom Rules Per Folder Configure the app to ignore specific files, folders and extensions and set when to relocate and delete files on a per folder basis.

The Best Way to Organise Files & Folders

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File structure in os

Visit our support center! Visit Support. Other apps you may be interested in Disk Aid. When you first get your Mac the arrangement of folders on the hard drive may be confusing. We will find some better places to store things later in this lesson. Do not change them unless you know what you are doing. This lets all the users on the system access the applications.

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Installing new applications is usually as simple as dragging them to this folder. An OS X machine can have several individual user accounts on it. For example, you could have one account for yourself, one for your friend, one for your sister, and so on.

This is where you should put your documents, pictures, music, etc. There are several folders already in your home folder by default. They are:. This contains information specific to your account that OS X needs. A good place to store music.

How Mac experts organize their files

Inside this folder will be all the music in your iTunes library sorted into artist and album folders. A folder for storing your pictures. The other users will be able to read any files you put in this folder and can also copy them to their own folders. They cannot see or modify the file after it goes into your Drop Box, but you can.

Web Sharing is beyond the scope of this article; for now we will simply say that anything in this folder can be accessed by anyone on the internet if Personal Web Sharing is turned on.

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