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Stick to that schedule! Save your bigger tasks for the weekend, such as designing new areas of the board. Or better yet, maybe spend 10 to 15 minutes a day thinking about ways to improve your board so you don't have as much to do on the weekends. There are also some things you can do to help make your BBS and Mac more stable and less of a time-strain.

Every two days or so, you need to rebuild your desktop by rebooting your Mac with the command and option keys held down. This will speed up your system by helping the Finder keep track of files on your system. Also, each month you'll need to defragment and optimize your hard drive. When the drive writes a file, it looks for the first available block of free space, and if there's not enough room there, it scans the drive for the next available block and writes the rest of the file there.

With files and messages being added and deleted all the time, files can become highly fragmented. I suggest you use either Norton Utilities or MacTools Pro, both excellent pack- ages for the task at hand. The important thing to remember is that even though you love your BBS and working with callers, you need to set your schedule so that you have a chance to spend time with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, or friends.

Mac Tools Macsimizer Toolbox 2014 update Part 1

Many sysops have their spouses help them with their boards, or even work trade shows together. I know my wife enjoys going to the shows and getting free T-shirts — the ultimate freebie for us computer geeks — or receiving those nice umbrellas at COMDEX.

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The main thing is to avoid getting all wrapped up in the stresses of running a board, and instead just have fun with it. If you have any anecdotes or stories on how you deal with sysop burnout, please send them to the email address listed below and I'll share them in a future column. Until then, keep the faith, bob Michael A. ZIP by Landmark Solutions Here's a great game to help your chil- dren, brothers or sisters learn math. The object is simple — beat the dragon named Scorch at his own game, a con- test known as "Scorch's Castle Math.

After speed and difficulty is selected, you are then shown a map of Scorch's kingdom. From here you select level 1 or 2, or the practice field. Now it's on to one of the castles to begin your adventure. Players are presented with a grid containing numbers and equations. They must move Sir Addalot to an equation, click the mouse, then move on to the answer and click again — all the time avoiding Scorch's fireballs.

When they're finished with that castle, players can move on to the next for more problems. And once a level is fin- ished, they're rewarded with plants, fish or sea creatures to fill the moat. This is an interesting and imagina- tive way to practice math. The program is loaded with colorful graphics and lots of sound effects, and should keep the young one's attention for more than a few minutes. A or higher is recommended and a mouse makes the play much easier, though keyboard control is fine. Modem Workshop version 2. The tutorial begins with the basics like choosing a modem, selecting and determining COM ports and picking the right software.

It then goes on to detail how to hook up to a BBS and the best ways to find your way around when you get there. MW also delves into the finer points of uploading and downloading, email, using commercial services, and even the Internet. In fact this could well serve as a complete course on modems and modeming, at user group meetings or in the classroom. Check it out. Registration is SI 9.

Digital Audio Executable ver. Working with. The resulting playable file will have the same name as the original, but with an. EXE exten- sion. Wildcards are accepted so you can convert a whole directory at once. Frankly, I can't think of many rea- sons why you would want self-playing sound files, but I'm sure there are a few practical applications out there, like using them in batch files such as your AUTOEXEC. Or maybe you've got a.

So i bought my own OBD-II code scanner. Very cool purchase.

WAV file and no Windows? ZIP by William D. Rinehart So you think you've had enough of the breakout games? I urge you to take a look at just one more before dismissing them all for the last time. You'll have to agree this one is among the best of the breed. GEMS3 is like all the others in that it's plenty easy to play — move your paddle with the mouse or keyboard and try to eliminate all the blocks gem- stones in each level ZZZ.

But in GEMS3 there are several dif- ferent types of gems that, when struck, will activate all kinds of different things — more balls, for example, faster or slower balls, transporters, and more. The documentation tells you what each one will do, but playing a few rounds is the quickest way to learn. So each game is different, and you never know what level will be next. Great graphics and sound effects also help make this game a must to take a look at.

This powerful BBS soft- ware is packed with more performance features than any other product on the market. Today's sysops know they can count on Mustang Software to deliver a complete, feature-rich BBS solution at a real value. In fact, most of the features we include as standard are an extra cost in other prod- ucts. So it's easy to understand why Wildcat! A centralized, PC-based system, Wildcat! Special features in the Wildcat!

Mac Tools OBDII / EOBD Diagnostic Equipment - Autos - Nigeria

GIF thumbnailer, support for RIPscrip graphics, a spell-checking message editor, support for over 32, message conference and file areas, and remote access to all BBS sysop functions. BBS Suite, version 4. BBS software from top to bottom. Mustang Software's major rehaul of its popular Wildcat! BBS software can help. Mustang Software also offers powerful collections of add-on utilities. You'll enjoy wcPRO's powerful user, message and file database maintenance capabilities, including wcFAX, a fax-on-demand processor that lets callers request data and receive iterature via fax.

BBS Suite.

Designed to move today's corporate environment into the new world of online communications, the industry's first BBS suite includes Mustang's top-of- the-line Wildcat! The suite allows up to eight BBS lines to be connected to a single PC and supports up to concurrent dial-in callers.

The Wildcat! Get online today. No other BBS software manufacturer makes it this easy for you. Get started today! It's filled with thousands of the most recent shareware programs in dozens of categories and is , especially configured to work flawlessly on your Wildcat! Then send back the registra- tion card along with this coupon. Void where prohibited by taw. Offer good only lor purchases of Wildcat!

A when coupon is accompanied with product registration card. Available through Software Etc. Call for more information.

Suggested OBD-II Code Readers

The down- load areas include Loadstar disk sam- plers and other Commodore files, many of which are compressed using the new CKit 94 compression utilities the file dissolver is available for down- load here. Also, keep an eye out for software and magazine specials — they are announced on the BBS's news sys- tem. Phoenix Network But games, download libraries, internet email and Usenet groups are available here. The pricing structure is currently undergoing change, too, and at press time was S20 a month for unlimit- ed usage.

And if a user doesn't call dur- ing a particular month? No charge. Fidonet echo announcing CMD's FD drives were unavailable, explaining that the manufacturers of the mechanism used in the drive had discontinued their production. Murphy's Law was in full force, as not long after the message was sent out, CMD found a cache of the mechanisms in its storerooms.

As it stands, the drives are currently available, but once the mechanism sup- ply runs out, the FD will be done, gone, finished. The FD drive, which uses 3. It's rec- ommended that those who own or pur- chase the FD drives stock up on the 3.

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