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I can't restart the application and most annoyingly, I can't shut down the computer unless I shut it off with the power switch. I had this problem since I got this computer, please help me. Fortunately, Apple's "Force Quit" dialogue box is only one of the many ways to approach targeting a process to kill it. Alternative Approaches include:. Activity Monitor Use Activity Monitor to display a list of all the running processes on the computer.

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You can see if one is displayed improperly or if it's using up large amounts of resources, and then kill it specifically to see if that clears the hang. The PID can be looked up several ways, but the most common are to use Activity Monitor or the command line equivalent "top". Using the command line is a more basic approach to killing the process.

In some cases -- in which a single application causes the Mac OS X kernel to become extremely busy and slows the system to a halt -- having a Terminal window open can prove beneficial. If you are lucky enough to have a Terminal window open, and can switch to it, you can kill processes that you otherwise would not be able to since it's virtually impossible to launch Activity Viewer or the Terminal after a thrashing -- freezing -- process starts.

You'll be presented with a list of currently running processes. Once you've found the PID, press the Q key to exit the top program, then enter the following command, replacing PID with the actual number -- without parentheses:.

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With any luck, the thrashing will stop and you'll be able to re-grain control of the computer -- or at least gain enough responsiveness to access and save currently open work. Force shutdown If things get worse and you need to force a shutdown of the whole system, try the following: Instead of using the Finder's menus to shut down, try using the terminal to issue the shutdown command.

Open it and type "shutdown -h now" or "shutdown -r now" for a reboot. Since the problem seems to occur for specific programs, that indicates the problem may lie with the program or some of it's resources. Many times a preferences file or other resource could get corrupted so the program has a hard time reading it.

Try removing the program's. Simply drag the potentially offending. In some cases, applications will have several.

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Also, note that you may lose some settings or other personal data used by specific applications when these files are deleted. You can also use Spotlight to find other files the program has created in your user library folder, and remove or delete them.

Force quit using Activity Monitor

Note that doing this most likely will get rid of your personal settings for the program, but most of the time re-entering them in the program's settings will set things up properly again. Additionally, this is only safe for applications that are bundled in one package.

Many complex programs put vital items all over the place when they install, and removing them could break the program or reduce its functionality. For instance, Safari has a "Reset Safari" feature that clears caches, cookies, history, and preferences.

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  • It also allows you to force quit any frozen apps with ease. Try selecting Quit first, as this will allow you to gracefully quit the application and preserve your data. If that fails, use Force Quit, which will act the same way as the steps mentioned above. You can use modifiers to order the list by user-defined criteria see this manual page for all of the options.

    macos - Mac OS X terminal killall won't kill running process - Stack Overflow

    A list of all running applications and processes will appear in Terminal, ordered by current CPU usage. Lastly, you can force quit an app vie a keyboard shortcut. The problem with this is that it is very easy to lost track of which application is currently active, especially if multiple apps are frozen.

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    That being said, as long as you understand this risk and are careful when using this shortcut, this can be the easiest and fastest way to force quit an unresponsive app.