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I am trying to download my school app is there any solutions? I have tried every thing and nothing works someone help me please P. S my device is a iPod touch and is connected to the Internet. Shut down router and phone, iPhone 5 then connected, although my iPad connects without any problem. That said my iPhone 5 stopped connecting to app store and iTunes again today …….

Any help from apple would be great! Yes me too….. I tunes and app store will no longer open on my iPhone 5, can,t be network as my iPad is fine! No go here in NZ.

How to fix 'iPhone won't connect to App Store' problems

None of this worked. Running iOS 6 on iPhone 5. Did not work. Sadly, in the post Jobs era Apple is quickly heading towards mediocrity again. Time to short the stock??? This worked, any idea when Apple will fix the bug? This is very Non-Apple to have to make your calendar not working to get itunes to work. Come on guys… Steve Jobs is watching you! Tried playing aroud with it, switches the year all the way to …and for some reason that worked. Sidenote: I also had a wifi connection whereas the other times I was using 4G, not sure if that made a difference.

It is really frustrating. There must be more simple solution. I am a layman.

Retry Accessing the iTunes Store

I have been trying to update my apps. I recently switched cable companies. I updated my new email address to apple from my home computer.

This works, I tried an tried setting only one year ahead then put my date to and followed same instruction.. Worked I can explain further if you email me. Been trying my iphone 5 apps but nothing happens. Please help. Changing the date etc did nothing but kill a couple of minutes of an afternoon shift. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

Search posts. Contents 0. Change your date and time to a different year Turn on automatic downloads for everything Change the App Store password to Always Required Remove every device from your Apple ID account Dan Helyer Senior Writer.

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Dan is a freelance writer based in South West England. Show 69 Comments What worked for me: 1- Reset all settings and re-installed. This is extremely useful advice, especially for those who are new to this issue!

App Store down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector

It works! Good luck! This is PAIN!! I tried everything change the date n year Bt still cannot connect to itune store. Changing the date to and then reverting back to worked for me. Thank you! After you set the date ahead do you then set it back?

"Could not connect to the server" Mac App Store Error Fix

Thanks for any replies. Hi Been trying my iphone 5 apps but nothing happens. Sign out and Sign in your Apple ID account to update your account. Update macOS to the latest version.


Check the data and time if they are correctly for your time zone. But if you still can't connect to the AppStore, here we will provide some personal solutions to solve this case. Delete AppStore local Cache file. AppStore stores many cache files to speed up loading resource and records and other informations. Once some cache files can't load for some errors may cause this case. Deleted those AppStore cache file may solve it. Open Finder , hold down the Option key and select the menu Go and choose Library folder from the Finder menu bar. Delete all files, then restart AppStore and run it again.

One problem that Mac user occasionally encounter is that they cannot access the app store for Mac.

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These occurrences are noted after the operating system updates offered by Apple on Mac devices. Here are the top five solutions to the issues that cause the connectivity issue:. Several users find themselves in a hassle when they try to connect to the Mac Store from their computers and instead see the connectivity error. This can be an annoying experience, and you might wonder what is wrong with the App store.

Most of the time, this problem occurs because the user has added the wrong Apple ID or password. It is essential to provide the right information to prevent any inconvenience. Internet failure is more often than not the main reason behind the "Cannot connect to the App Store" error. Do make sure that the computer is connected to Wi-Fi or the internet is fully functional. Here are the instructions to check if the internet connection is working or not:. Every internet service provider has its own IP address but it can be shifted to a different protocol by altering the number system of the IP.

Here the steps to set a global DNS address. When working on Mac, it will use certain certificates to validate a connection with the programs. If a certificate which is being used for a connection gets expired or invalid, then the operating system will notify the user. This will cause the "Cannot connect to the App Store" error.

The keychain in the MacOS is the password management system provided by Apple. It can store all the passwords of different applications, servers, and websites handled by the user. After an operating system update sometimes this system gets corrupt which results in the "Cannot connect to the App Store" issue for the user.

Here are the methods to edit certificates for the App Store in the KeyChain application to fix the error. After that restart the Mac system and try to open the App Store.